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    Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

    Automobile Oil

    1. For gasoline lubricant series (GB11121-2006)

    The main grades of high speed gasoline lubricant are as follows: SF, SG, SH, SJ and SL.

    2.  For diesel lubricant series (GB11122-2006)

    The main grades of high speed turbocharged diesel lubricant are as follows:: CD, CF, CF-4 and CH-4.

    3. For general internal combustion lubricant:

    The main grades of high speed general engine lubricant are: SF / CD, SG / CD, SJ / CD, SJ/CF-4 and SL / CF

    4. Gear compound series (GB13895-92)

    The main products: gear lubricants of heavy duty automobile(GL-5)

    5. Motorcycle lubricant series

    The main products: 2T-two-stroke motorcycle lubricant, 4TAPISF motorcycle lubricant and 4TAPI SG four-stroke motorcycle lubricant.

    6. Brake oil (GB12981-2003)

    The main products: brake fluids for vehicles of HZY3 and HZY4